Thursday, September 27, 2012

50 Shades of Fall

My sisters and I went running around finding items for my niece's Halloween custome. We typically plan everything ahead of time which explains why we've already started preparing for the big day. Lol

I decided to go with earth tones today. It's still too warm in Vegas to layer my outfits, but I wanted to dress appropriately for fall. I bought myself this clutch a few weeks ago so I was excited to finally pull it out of my closet and make use of it.

Shirt: GAP
Chinos: ASOS
Clutch: Trouvé


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Moves like JAGGGRR

My Steve Madden Jagggrr loafers finally arrived. I am in love with these shoes. They are very similar to the studded loafers created by Christian Louboutin, but at the fraction of the price! They are definitely going to be a conversation piece. I typically wear a size 8.5 or 9, but I thought the 8.5 was a bit snug when I tried them on so I bought these in a size 9 instead.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vintage Neckties

Found these vintage designer neckties from Valentino, Balmain, & Oscar De La Renta (L-R)! They were only $1.00 each at Salvation Army. I stood by the necktie section for a good 15 minutes just sorting through the collection to see if I could find any specials ties and discovered these 3! I'm so excited about this. Aaaaaaah! :)


Monday, September 24, 2012

Review: Topman for Nordstrom

I decided to pick up a pair of trousers and chinos from Nordstrom's Topman collection. There are quite a few things I want, but I decided to start off by purchasing practical pieces. You cannot go wrong with basic black trousers/chinos so I purchased these two items first.

I absolutely adore these trousers! The fit is pretty amazing and I appreciate how well it was tailored. suggests to go one size up; I am typically a size 30; therefore, I ordered a size 32. It fits! lol Initially, I order a size 30, but that was a terrible mistake so I had to reorder them. I do wish they carried in between sizes because a size 31 would have been even better. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this purchase.

I was so excited about these chinos. I've been shopping around for a perfect pair of black chinos, but could never find a pair that fit nicely. When I got this in the mail, I couldn't wait to try them! I put them on and they worked really well. They were skinny in all the right places while they left room in other areas to move around comfortably. You might want to go a size up! The only down fall is how much it attracts dust/lint. I don't know what it is about the material, but I kept having to pull out a lint roller. My other chinos from Topman never gave me this issue so I found it bizarre. Overall, this was a bittersweet purchase.


[I am not being paid or sponsored for this review. I purchased all these items with my own money. These are my honest opinions on these products.]

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mini Haul

This week's haul!

I stumbled into Gap today and I couldn't pass up on their deal. They offered 40% off their already marked down items! What?! Amazing! Although these shirts are part of their summer collection, I just know I can transition these pieces to Fall/Winter. I spent less than $20; what a bargain!

This week, I also went thrifting at my local Goodwill. I found this vintage sweater and this printed shirt. I cannot wait for the weather to cool down in Vegas. I don't own a ton of sweaters, but I'm stocking up for this winter. If you haven't been to a Goodwill before, I suggest you take a visit the minute you get a chance. It's a treasure hunt and you're probably not always going to find something, but it's worth taking a look. I spent less than $10 on this sweater and button up; so worth it! 


Burberry Prorsum S/S 2013

I've been gone for a few days, but I'm back! I finally got a chance to catch up on the new collections debuted at London Fashion Week. I was so impressed with Burberry Prorsum's collection!


The choice of adding metallic hues for the new season was a tad bit unexpected (for menswear), but I actually like it. Those cardigans are amazing! 

The print work was nice; it wasn't too overpowering or busy which is something I can appreciate. I thought the choice of this color combination was nice to see in a men's collection.

These jackets were my personal favorites! I'm in love! The print work and color blocking technique is genius! This entire collection is absolutely inspiring! I was extremely impressed with everything I saw for next season.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Romwe Spiked Hat

I cannot wait for this hat to arrive. It's such a statement piece. I already have an idea on how I'm going to style this. Those spikes... just gorgeous. My first purchase from Romwe so I'm pretty excited about it.

I don't know guys, I just might order another one to do a giveaway.


Friday, September 14, 2012


There's a reason I love thrifting, I love finding special pieces to add to my collection. I found this Lanvin necktie at my local Goodwill for only $2.99! What?! Yes, $2.99! I've found vintage designer neckties there before including Christian Dior and Oscar de la Renta. You'll be surprise what you find in there. People donate their items to Goodwill all the time. It's certainly a treasure hunt, but it's worth it. I'm so excited about this find! It's definitely something worth keeping!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tory Burch

I bought this at Nordstrom Rack for under $40 (original price $95). I've wanted this for sometime now. I've had my eye on a few different colors, but I just never bought myself one. This Tory Burch leather bracelet is perfect for stacking. I love the mustard yellow with the gold logos! I'm in LOVE!!!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Gold Ocean

I love stacking jewelry. I just think it's a brilliant way to accessorize especially when you're wearing a casual outfit. All four bracelets are from Forever 21. I think Forever 21 is so affordable; I enjoy finding jewelry while I'm there.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It was pouring like crazy earlier today. If you don't know, it rarely ever rains in Las Vegas; in fact, our roads aren't design for such heavy rain, but thankfully the sun came out to play. My sisters and I went to do some retail therapy as soon as we got the chance. I just threw on the first things I saw in my closet. I'm glad it turned out okay. lol

Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Target
Hat: H&M


Michael Kors Runway

(Photos taken with my iPhone)

I have this obsessive fascination over Michael Kors watches and jewelry. This is my 4th watch from Michael Kors; I have no regrets. 

When I saw this piece in the case, I thought it was olive green so I asked the associate to pull it out so I could take a look at it. I was just curious about why it was that color, I found it silly actually, only to be completely wrong. I fell head over heels for this watch when I discovered it was bronze (not olive green). I was so fascinated with the choice of  metal. This bronze, almost antique gold, was so different and so unique. I've never seen any watch with this type of medal. Overall, I was intrigued with the tarnish look of the stainless steel. They had a bunch of other MK watches in the case, but this was the only watch with this type of metal. Of course, this watch came home with me shortly after. I own 3 other watches from Michael Kors in gold, silver, and rose gold, but nothing like this. I've always wanted a Michael Kors Runway Watch and now I have one. This is a advance birthday gift to myself since I turn 21 in 21 days! How exciting!

Now that I own this watch, I want it in Rose Gold and Silver. Oh boy, I don't think this obsession is going to end anytime soon.


Monday, September 10, 2012

NYFW S/S 2013

So while I'm stuck in Las Vegas, I've been drooling over a few of the collections being presented at New York Fashion Week. (tears) I'm already excited for Spring 2013 after taking a look at what these designers have to offer.

Tommy Hilfiger: I am in LOVE! He never disappoints!!

Michael Bastian: I love how effortless this entire collection is. The styling is absolutely immaculate! 

Joseph Abboud: Inspring! I'm drooling over that yellow suit!

(sigh) One day, I hope I get the chance to be invited to see these shows at NYFW. That'll definitely be a dream come true, but for now, I can enjoy the collections online. 

Photos from GQ

Sunday, September 9, 2012

UNIF Hellraisers

I've wanted a pair of UNIF hellraisers for sometime now. They're such a staple piece. I've been drooling over them for a few months, but I've yet to purchase a pair to call my own. Solestruck always has them available (in all sorts of colors), I must jump on it and buy a pair from their site ASAP. Maybe I should get myself a pair of hellraisers for my birthday (in 3 weeks). I'm turning 21 so I should get myself something nice right? We shall see.


Mad for S. Madden!

I admire everything about this pair of shoes. I love the detailing, the texture, and the color palette. It's going to be one of my shoe essentials this Fall. It's such a transitional piece; I can wear it all year round. The bold print of the textile immediately caught my eye so I knew I had to buy it! (sigh) Time to break into these bad boys since they're a bit snug. 

Steve Madden loafers: Nordstrom Rack

Friday, September 7, 2012

Topman for Nordstrom

Ladies and gentleman, can we take a few minutes to acknowledge the amazing collection of Topman for Nordstrom. THE WAIT IS OVER! Above is a little preview (some of my favorite pieces) of what it has to offer. I am so excited about this collaboration! I admire the use of prints and color throughout the collection. I can see how easily the clothes can transition from Fall to Spring which I love, especially when everyone shops on a budget these days. It's good to know a lot of the pieces can continue over to S/S 2013 and so forth. The berry blazer and trouser are my absolute favorite! I'm so glad Nordstrom and Topshop/Topman decided to partner up. I cannot wait to get my hands on this collection, too bad I can't afford to get everything I want right now. :(