Friday, July 27, 2012

Who is SC?

My name is Shawn, but you can call my alter ego SC.
Shawn's laid back, mellow, and reserved; however, SC is a whole different story.

Who is SC?
I'm a island boy with big city dreams! I'm a Fashion blogger/enthusiast in Las Vegas, Nevada; however, I'm originally from the island of Saipan in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I work in retail for a living and I enjoy what I do. I'm outgoing, optimistic, and an all-around-pal! I love thrifting, DIY projects, and anything else that allows me to get creative. My style changes depending on my mood. On my free time, I enjoy exploring and studying both men and women's fashion. Accessories are my best friends! 

Lastly, please don't light my fuse.:)

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